I'm new to HCC
What can I expect?
  • What should we expect?
  • Will I be welcomed?
  • Do I have to talk to people?
  • Will I be cornered as the new person?
  • Will I even be noticed?
  • Are they going to ask me a million questions?

When you enter HCC you will be welcomed by one of our well trained greeters. You will then notice that to your left is FREE coffee, (to calm your nerves a bit). To your right is our coat racks and the washrooms are straight ahead.

The service will start at 10:25 with a song through the double doors on your right. Another greeter will be at the door, handing out bulletins with all of our programs and will help point you to a seatif there isn’t one near by.

If you brought children along, a greeter will have pointed you in the direction of the nursery and Sunday school rooms, where your children are welcome to join our age specific programs, after they are dismissed around 11:00 am.

Sunday school runs for grades Jk-5 and nursery for 0-3. We have many well trained and dedicated volunteers who run both our Sunday school and nursery. Your child will have fun while taking in this weeks bible story. (for more information visit our ministries page)

If you are a nursing mom – there is a nursing lounge in our foyer where you entered the building. If your child would benefit from being in a nursery right at 10:30 please tell a greeter and they will make sure someone is available to takeyour child right away.

Worship will continue until around 10:45 where we will introduce ourselves, go over any upcoming events and take up an offering. (do not fret, you are not under any obligation to give – we do this for our members to help provide for our events, upkeep and overall ministry).

We will dive into worship again and the kids will be dismissed around this time. We will have a time of prayer before the speaking begins. We will end with a song or 2 and communion if it is the 1st Sunday of the month. If you come on the second Sunday of the month we will be having fellowship with snacks in the foyer following the service.

Please feel free to leave whenever you need to. We understand work schedules, emergencies and activities.

It is our prayer that you feel at home during your visit. If you filled out a connect card during the service and it was your first time with us – please bring it to the welcome station with you on your way out and get a gift that we made just for you!

We would love to connect you with one of our Pastors before you head out so that we may welcome you to Hope. If at anytime during the service you have any questions – our greeters are well trained and would be so happy to help.

Thank you for visiting Hope Community Church, it is our privilege to serve you and to get to know you better, whether in person, or through a computer screen, we hope that you feel loved by us as we mirror Christ.