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Keystone is a family engaged counselling and coordinating Lead Agency that is dedicated to providing compassionate, responsive services to children, youth, families, and community members.

Their programs and services reflect a desire to help Build Futures Together” with an emphasis on listening, family and youth engagement, partnerships and creativity.

Keystone accepts referrals or self-referrals from families, physicians, schools or service providers.

They provide service for children and youth from 0 – 17 years and their families.

Live In Program
Tel: 519-371-4773


The Keystone Live-In Treatment Program is an all-gendered, 7 bed, short-term live-in program for young people ages 12-17 years.

The Live-In Treatment Program operates 24/7, 365 days a year and offers a safe and welcoming, home-like environment for youth who may require additional supports, observation and stabilization. This program allows the time for youth to assess, build and develop the skills they need to achieve successful outcomes. With a focus on engagement and structured, therapeutic and recreational programing within a multi-disciplinary team, youth and families create an individualized plan of care to meet their goals and take an active role in creating their own futures.

Each youth admitted into the program have already been connected to a case counsellor and services at Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services and will continue with on-going services upon discharge of the program. The length of stay within the program is dictated by an individuals personal investment into the program, their goals and outcomes of their individualized treatment plans and clinical consultation. A typical stay is approximately 3-4 weeks.

The short-term Live-In Treatment program offers youth and families the opportunity to breathe, assess the situation, create a plan of action that works for their unique needs and move forward with additional skills and resources.

This program aims to support the following outcomes:

    • Crisis intervention, assessment and stabilization
    • Elevated mood
    • Boosted self-esteem, sense of self-worth and confidence
    • Respite and increased stability for youth and family
    • Understanding and developing healthy relationships with family, adults and peers
    • Developing communication and conflict resolution skills
    • Establish healthy routines, self-care and independent life- skills
    • Longer assessment period to support diagnosis, treatment plans, behavior modification and medication trials if needed
    • Acquiring the emotional and social skills to cope effectively at home, at school and in the community


Youth remain connected to their school work and attend classes with a dedicated teacher during the school year.

Adolescents who are in hospital often are referred to our Live-in Treatment Program as a transition back into their community. All Live-In Treatment Program referrals are assessed through our intake and counselling service.